We offer a range of transport options for masts, and super yacht rigging.

Portacraft provide cost effective technique for mast transport.

Crispin Holworthy, spearheading Portacraft, has identified a strategic opportunity within the yacht mast transportation sector, poised to revolutionize the leisure marine freight industry, particularly amidst a landscape where cost reduction is paramount. Portacraft now offers a tailored service catering to yacht brokers, private clients, race syndicates, shipping companies, and hauliers alike.

The ethos of Portacraft is rooted in a "can-do" attitude, honed through years of managing racing yacht campaign haulage under tight deadlines. This proactive approach, coupled with an intimate understanding of potential challenges along the journey, forms the backbone of Portacraft's operational excellence. Bolstering this expertise is Portacraft's 40 year history of successful freight operations as a haulier.

Portacraft now presents a comprehensive long load freight solution from inception to completion. Leveraging specialized custom-made mast transport trailers, Portacraft offers a seamless transport service across Europe. Whether as part of return journeys or standalone operations, each service is tailored to the client's deadlines, accommodating hauliers' schedules while delivering cost-effective solutions. Traditional freight options remain available as well.

Flexibility and meticulous planning are paramount in ensuring successful deliveries. Portacraft's team is adept at understanding the intricacies of correct loading and handling the delicate construction of the load, often under tight time constraints. From supervising loading and lifting to documenting the process through photographs, Portacraft ensures transparency and regular updates for clients throughout the delivery process. This commitment to communication and client satisfaction sets a new standard in the marine industry, offering an unprecedented level of service and reliability.


This service has firmly established itself as a leading solution provider, offering competitive options for Carbon & Aluminum masts tailored to meet the needs of the cruising fraternity.

Our monthly delivery service, originating from my client Z Spars International on the East Coast and a cornerstone of our operations.

We navigate routes to Scotland, traversing the borders and extending to North & South Wales, the Southeast, South Coast, and to The West Country.

Our flexibility allows us to adapt our direction based on orders, ensuring efficient planning and timely deliveries.

With insights typically available a week in advance, we extend the opportunity to utilize available trailer space, a practice that consistently maintains competitive delivery prices.

Our specialized 'Multidrop Trailer', equipped with rubber-clad mast supports, boasts a capacity of comfortably accommodating 10-15 masts/booms & rigging of various lengths, with a maximum of 18m.

Of course, we accommodate much longer masts with advanced notice, demonstrating our commitment to meeting diverse customer requirements.