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Multidrop Mast Transport

This service has firmly established itself as a leading solution provider, offering competitive options for Carbon & Aluminum masts tailored to meet the needs of the cruising fraternity.

Our monthly delivery service, originating from my client Z Spars International on the East Coast and a cornerstone of our operations.

We navigate routes to Scotland, traversing the borders and extending to North & South Wales, the Southeast, South Coast, and to The West Country.

Our flexibility allows us to adapt our direction based on orders, ensuring efficient planning and timely deliveries.

With insights typically available a week in advance, we extend the opportunity to utilize available trailer space, a practice that consistently maintains competitive delivery prices.

Our specialized 'Multidrop Trailer', equipped with rubber-clad mast supports, boasts a capacity of comfortably accommodating 10-15 masts/booms & rigging of various lengths, with a maximum of 18m.

Of course, we accommodate much longer masts with advanced notice, demonstrating our commitment to meeting diverse customer requirements.

Yacht Mast Transport

The recent images showcased on our website offer a tantalizing glimpse into our latest offering, the safe and secure transportation of high-value Carbon and Aluminium yacht masts via our bespoke Mast Transport trailer. This specialized trailer, equipped with custom-made multi-support mast frames and a unique rubber fender system fitted to each of the four supports, ensures the utmost protection for both aluminium and carbon fibre yacht masts during transit. Whether it's valley booms, rigging, or freshly painted masts leaving the factory, our meticulous loading process prioritizes the prevention of any damage en route.

Our decision to enhance our transportation services was catalyzed by the surge in orders for OYSTER and SWAN yacht masts, both in Carbon and aluminium variants, originating from SELDENMASTS UK. Recognizing the need for an additional long-load transport solution alongside our established mast transport service, we collaborated with Elvy International Heavy Transport. Leveraging their expertise and resources, we introduced a triple-extending rear-steer trailer, specifically tailored for the transportation of yacht masts. This trailer accommodates Carbon or Aluminium masts up to 38m+, supported by our custom-designed multi-support system, a collaborative effort between myself and Director driver Mark Brown of Elvy International Heavy Haulage.

As always, our commitment to customer satisfaction remains unwavering. I personally oversee every aspect of the job, from the precision loading/unloading process to navigating customs and paperwork hurdles. We provide our clients with detailed updates throughout the transit, accompanied by photographs, ensuring transparency and enabling them to inform their clients of precise delivery times, thus mitigating any potential delays. Our dedication to excellence ensures that every mast reaches its destination safely and on schedule.