The marine transport service offered by Portacraft has been second to none. Crispin Holworthy discovered that during his early years of the specialised marine transport of high tech racing yachts by road that no provision had been made for the transport of the most vital and delicate part of the high-tech aspect, the masts.

Ultimately, after 26 years and technology in mast construction has changing radically, the use of Carbon Fibre is becoming even more popular, not just with racing yachts but cruisers too.

Over these years, Crispin formed a unique service which dedicated itself solely to the transport of masts. By working closely in conjunction with the top yacht mast manufacturers, and analysing the effects of road transport on materials like carbon, he produced a range of specially constructed trailers that have been designed for the sole purpose of transporting Carbon and Aluminium sections by road.

All trailers were fitted with at least five point adjustable supports along the whole length of the section in transit which will cover sizes of 35m - 40m comfortably. Remote hydraulic rear steering on two of the trailers offer complete piece of mind when attempting to manoeuvre into some small isolated boat yards and syndicate locations.

To cope with demand and the opportunity to transport Americas Cup masts (34.8m), Volvo 70 masts (32.6m) and Open 60 masts (30m) - Portacraft Ltd, in conjunction with RM trailers, saw the introduction of yet another custom designed mast trailer in 2005 specifically designed for transporting masts for the 32nd America’s Cup in Valencia and for the Volvo Ocean Race which started in Vigo, Spain. Another trailer was launched in May 2009.

Today, Portacraft offer a complete package to cater for all individual marine transport needs, whether it is 4m diameter coils of super yacht rigging, masts up to 40m or sailing yachts or powerboats, a very complete service.